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We don't just talk it. We focus on it.

At River City Construction, we don’t just talk about project partnering. We live it. We focus on it. We even put it in writing. See for yourself.

River City Construction is committed to the concept of partnering on each project that we build.

Partnering is a semi-formal structure that establishes working relationships on an equal basis through a mutually developed strategy of communication, coordination, and cooperation.

Partnering is about a common sense approach to building a project. It is getting along with the people you work with and getting the project done with quality, efficiency, and profitability for all parties involved. It creates a truly win/win situation for the Owner, Architect, Engineer, Contractors, and all participating entities.

Key elements in partnering are: commitment; equity; trust; development of mutual goals; and continuous evaluation.

By building a team environment with these key elements, stakeholders develop an enhanced morale and esprit de corps, making work become more meaningful and enjoyable by demonstrating integrity and fair dealings; each entity gives and gains respect.

River City has been recognized for our commitment and excellence in our partnering process. In 1999, River City Construction received the prestigious Marvin M. Black Excellence in Partnering Award for our work on Building RR for Caterpillar Inc. in Peoria, Illinois, and in 2005, River City Construction was presented with the Director’s Award for Pride in Partnership by the Capital Development Board of Illinois.

Each of these awards further prove our belief that partnering is truly a way of doing business at River City Construction.

Project Partnering Document