River city Focuses on Safety

Our focus on continuous improvements in occupational safety allows us to best fulfill our mission of completing quality projects in a timely manner, safely, on budget and on schedule.

Safety management is vital to the success of any construction company. That’s why a heightened awareness of safety is an integral part of our culture. We instill safety awareness with focused training and mandatory practices that actually reduce costs because downtime is avoided. And we have implemented best practices that involve our employees and those of owners and subcontractors, making each jobsite less risky, healthier, and safer overall.

Another way River City Construction promotes safety is through employee participation and incentives. We conduct an annual Safety Awareness Program that runs from April 1 through the following March 31. Through this Program, we provide intensive training for the field workforce, conduct frequent onsite inspections, and award bonuses for individuals who work safely. Our Program gives every individual an incentive to work hard, work smart, and work safe.