City of Benton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project consisted of new barscreen and grit structure, terminal lift station, new oxidation ditch, two (2) 95’-0” diameter clarifier tanks, new digester tanks, RAS/WAS pump station, parshall flume structure, UV disinfection structure, cascade aerator, new MCC building, sludge pump station, control building, sludge filter building, integration system, associated electrical, process piping, and site improvements.

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Rock River Secondary Treatment Improvements

Works consisted of construction, modifications and additions to the secondary treatment facilities.  This included the construction of a new treatment process train and separation of the existing secondary treatment process into three processes.

Rend Lake Conservancy District Water Treatment Plant Upgrade and Expansion

Project consisted of demolition work and modifications to the existing raw water pump station, existing plant building, existing clarifier units, under drains and appurtenant items for Filters 3-8.  Installation of a new intake screen, new filter media, and backwash water pump,…