City of Benton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project consisted of new barscreen and grit structure, terminal lift station, new oxidation ditch, two (2) 95’-0” diameter clarifier tanks, new digester tanks, RAS/WAS pump station, parshall flume structure, UV disinfection structure, cascade aerator, new MCC building, sludge pump station, control building, sludge filter building, integration system, associated electrical, process piping, and site improvements.

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Contract No. 2 Water Treatment Plant, Howard County Regional Water Commission

Project consists of construction of a new 1MGD water treatment plant which includes a new cast-in-place concrete clearwell, filter basin, associated excavation, backfill, final grading and landscaping, installation of new high service pumps, (2) clarifiers, an induced draft aerator, high…

Illinois American Water Company – Mattis Avenue Water Plant

Design/build project included the construction of two new 800,000 gallon clearwells and all related appurtenances.