City of Portageville, New Wastewater Treatment Facility

A new wastewater treatment plant consists of an influent pump station, screening building, grit removal, secondary biological treatment using the oxidation ditch technology, secondary clarification, return and waste activated sludge pump station, ultraviolet disinfection, plant non-potable water system, high-water effluent pump station, aerobic digestion and necessary ancillary items.

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Carbondale Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Replaced influent pumping, low measurement, existing blowers, and existing mechanically cleaned bar screen.  Constructed a new bar screen building, 6.0-MGD oxidation ditch, two 100 foot diameter secondary clarifiers, return/waste activated sludge pump station, digested sludge pump station, and plant water…

Dixon Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project included the construction of two 100′ diameter final clarifiers, preliminary treatment building, two oxidation ditches, ultraviolet disinfection system, biosolids control building, administration building, and demolition of selected existing structures.