Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, Digester Complex

Project includes replacing covers on three primary digesters, replacing or rehabilitating the cover on the secondary digester, replacing the digester mixing system in the primary digesters, installing new temperature control system for heat exchangers and performing necessary structural repairs to the Digester Complex Facility.

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IAWC East St. Louis Water Treatment Facility

The project includes construction of a new transfer pumping station, UV disinfection system, two (2) 5 MG (million gallon) finished water clearwells, and a high service pumping station at the East St. Louis Water Treatment Facility.

Unity Point Health Methodist – Revisions Partnering Package

ASHE CERTIFIED PERSONNEL. On-going projects include bringing the existing buildings up to Illinois Department of Public Health and local codes, overseeing the retrofitting and installation of new mechanical/electrical systems throughout, and the remodeling of office spaces, diagnostic areas and patient…