Duckett Creek Sanitary District Treatment Plant 1 and 2 Improvements

Project consisted of general site preparation, general grading and the construction of improvements at Treatment Plant 1 (TP1) and Treatment Plant 2 (TP2).  TPI included installation of new screening equipment, headworks HVAC upgrades, and update plant control system.  TP2 included installation of new screening equipment, new grit classifier, headworks HVAC upgrades, a new emergency generator, and solids handling improvements.  Solids handling improvements included decanter, digester, solids dewatering truck loading bay addition, and blower improvements.

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City of Benton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project consisted of new barscreen and grit structure, terminal lift station, new oxidation ditch, two (2) 95’-0” diameter clarifier tanks, new digester tanks, RAS/WAS pump station, parshall flume structure, UV disinfection structure, cascade aerator, new MCC building, sludge pump station,…

Contract No. 2 Water Treatment Plant, Howard County Regional Water Commission

Project consists of construction of a new 1MGD water treatment plant which includes a new cast-in-place concrete clearwell, filter basin, associated excavation, backfill, final grading and landscaping, installation of new high service pumps, (2) clarifiers, an induced draft aerator, high…