Access to Bidding Documents

River City Construction, LLC currently uses SmartBidNet to send out bid invitations and provide access to bidding documents.

If you are in our system, but are not currently receiving bid invitations or notices from River City Construction, please do the following:

  1. Email your company name, contact name and phone number, as well as the scope of work you are interested in to
  2. You will receive an email link to update your company information in our SmartBidNet system.
  3. At that time, please take a moment to make sure your company and contact profile is up to date in our SmartBidNet system.  Please pay specific attention to the CSI codes and area of work for your company.  If any of the information is not accurate, please update.

If you are not in our SmartBidNet system and would like to receive invitations from us, please do the following:

  1. Go to our Home page, click on Estimating and then click on Vendor Form.
  2. Complete the brief Vendor Form and click Submit.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to projects as they become available.

Thank you, in advance, for your help in keeping our bidding information up to date. It is an essential part of River City Construction’s continued success.


Notice to Subcontractors and Suppliers

Project documents are posted on River City Construction, LLC’s SmartBid site your convenience and are free of cost.  River City Construction cannot guarantee the accuracy of the posted project documents and will not be held liable for any errors or omissions in the posted project documents.  It is the responsibility of you, the user, to review all posted project documents for accuracy and completeness.  These document are not to be redistributed.  If upon review, you find any errors or omissions in the posted project documents, please notify Linda Duncan immediately via e-mail at