IAWC Water Treatment Facility, Chemical Feed

This project includes the construction of a new chemical feed building at the East St. Louis Water WTF to facilitate the transition from gaseous chlorine to bulk sodium hypochlorite, anhydrous ammonia to liquid ammonium sulfate, and sulfur dioxide to sodium bisulfite. This new building will also serve the new transfer pumping station and UV disinfection building that is currently in construction. A new chemical unloading station will be located near the plant entrance to facilitate chemical transfer of bulk hypochlorite and coagulant.

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Columbia Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant, Digester Complex

Project includes replacing covers on three primary digesters, replacing or rehabilitating the cover on the secondary digester, replacing the digester mixing system in the primary digesters, installing new temperature control system for heat exchangers and performing necessary structural repairs to…

In-Patient Treatment Center, Department of Corrections

The new facility will provide an environment suitable for treatment and care of approximately 150 psychiatric patients and 50 general medical care patients under custody of the Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC). These two patient populations are intended to be housed in separate units…