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Waste Water/Water Treatment

Spring Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase 1 Construction included site work, diversion structure, influent sewer, administration and operations building, disinfection building, out fall sewer and cascade aerator. Phase 2 Construction included site work, headworks building and equipment, activated sludge structure and equipment and site utilities….

St. Charles Main Wastewater Treatment Facility – 2002 Nitrification Improvements

Modified headworks diversion structure; rehabilitated ferric chloride and grit buildings; replaced scum troughs on primary clarifiers; constructed 2.8 million gallons of additional aeration basins; constructed a new blower building; rehabilitated existing aeration basins; installed baffles in existing final clarifiers; replaced…

Washington Sewage Treatment Plant No. 2 – Phase 1 Improvements

Project included construction of additional influent pumps, screen building, oxidation ditch, final clarifiers, chlorine contact tank. biosolids pumping building, aerobic digestion modifications, and additional sludge dewatering beds.  Also included were associated structural, mechanical, electrical and SCADA work.

Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sanitary Storm Sewer Improvements

Project included the construction of a complete mechanical wastewater treatment plant, demolition of existing wastewater treatment plant, rehabilitation of an existing lift station, removal and replacement of an existing 48” RCP storm sewer, CIPP lining of sanitary sewer, access road…

Waterloo Wastewater Treatment Facility

This project included raw sewage intake structure; mechanical bar screen; grit removal units; flow metering, submersible pumps with VFD’s; aerated digester tanks; SBR process pump rooms and blowers; MCC rooms; digester blowers; digester sludge pumps; and various other items and…