Outstanding Project Award (TRICON Better-Built 2019 Annual Awards) for the Uftring Chevrolet Dealership Project in Washington, IL

Uftring Outstanding Project AwardRiver City Construction was honored to be recipients of the Outstanding Project Award (TRICON Better-Built 2019 Annual Awards) for the Uftring Chevrolet Dealership project in Washington, IL.

The Uftring Chevrolet Rebuild was a very high profile project within our community. The original dealership was devastated by fire on December 5, 2018 leaving employees without jobs and the Uftring Family wondering what to do. They ultimately chose to rebuild in the same location. While the brand new state-of-the-art facility was being constructed, Uftring Chevrolet relocated temporarily with the understanding that the building they were occupying would only be leased through the end of 2018. Knowing this would be a challenge, P.J. Hoerr and River City Construction teamed up to work on this critical design/build project with an extremely fast-paced schedule. A clear path was quickly outlined on how we, as a team, would ensure this project was not only completed on-time but on-budget. With the tight schedule on this project, time, attention to detail and safety were of the utmost importance. The doors to the new dealership were opened on December 17, 2018 to its customers. This project is something our team is extremely proud of and is a great example of two competitors coming together to produce a quality project for a mutual owner.

To quote Gary Uftring, “I would be proud to place a sticker on the back of this building with the names P.J. Hoerr, River City and the unions”.

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