“September 2011 marks the successful completion of USTRANSCOM’s BRAC/Transformation program.  We thank your team for outstanding performance in going fully operational a full year early. The efforts of your staff, in particular Steve Dorris, Kent Kampwerth and Phil Kingdon, kept the command on track to deliver the various projects on schedule and achieve the $1.2B in savings as promised.  Their hard work and dedication to this endeavor, with the main goal of relocating the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) to Scott AFB and establishing fused operations, was extraordinary.”

“We bring to close this six year effort with outstanding success.  Each of your team members was critical to the completion of this effort.  We asked much of them and they delivered exceptionally.”

Gregory E. Couch
Major General, U.S. Army, Chief of Staff

“We extend our sincere gratitude for your support and dedication to USTRANSCOM’s BRAC/Transformation program including building 1900 E/W, as well as 1700 and 1575, construction/renovation.  Due to the outstanding service of our partners, the new building and many associated projects were completed ahead of schedule and within budget.  This success is due to the continued collaboration and hard work from each member of the team.”

Steven W. Coyle
Director, Facilities Engineering


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