Caterpillar Demonstration Arena

River City Design Group, L.L.C., a full service professional architectural firm, began business in 1998 as a subsidiary to River City Construction. The mission of the group is to be an industry leader in design/build services.

We believe in a strategic approach to better building through integral involvement of the Design Team throughout all phases of the design and construction processes.  Our Architects work closely with our in-house resources of estimators, project managers, and construction professionals to maintain the affordability, the constructability, and the functionality of every project.

Project experience includes, but is not limited to, religious facilities, educational, medical, corporate, retail, manufacturing, and distribution facilities. Our approach to program driven design focuses on creating buildings that enhance the way you live, work, and play.

In addition to our in-house resources, River City Construction routinely partners with architectural firms from across the midwest to provide design/build services to projects involving the outside selection of architectural services, geographic constraints, or existing relationships.

Completed Projects Utilizing the Design/Build Delivery Method