Boone Medical Plaza

River City Design Group is a leader in the implementation and use of Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM is essentially a 3D virtual model/database of your project and we were one of the first architectural firms in central Illinois to fully adopt BIM as a method of designing and documenting projects.

As early adopters of the technology, we have essentially replaced 2D CADD technology with real-time 3D databases, images, and drawings of projects.  Our expertise and leadership in BIM technology has allowed us to participate on the State of Illinois, Capital Development Board, Building Information Modeling Committee and serve as part-time instructor for the first BIM course ever offered to engineering and construction students at Bradley University.

The benefit that BIM provides to the owner is recognizable from the very beginning stages of a project.  The owner immediately understands the design of the project through the use of 3D images.  This enables the owner to make faster, more informed decisions at early stages of the project that effect budget and schedule.

The virtual design and construction of the project allows a very clear understanding of the actual built product, thus eliminating surprises later.

River City Construction is also one of the only firms who have integrated BIM technology beyond the design phase.  We have integrated BIM into the pre-construction and construction phase by automating construction schedules and studying construction staging and mobilization that can lead to more efficient and safe construction sites.

Once the project is complete the Owner is in possession of the BIM.  This information can assist the Owner in facility management for the life of the building.