Evergreen Hall Lake

River City has always strived to be the leading builder in our operating area. We take great pride in being a builder, not just a building contractor.

We do more than just administer contracts and manage subcontractors. We bring to every project a skilled workforce of union craftsmen. It is this skilled workforce that allows us to be the leader on our projects. Through our example, we are able to drive the schedule and set the standard for productivity, quality and craftsmanship. River City is working side by side with our subcontractor partners.

On a typical project, we may self-perform excavation, concrete forming, placement and reinforcing, precast concrete erection, masonry, structural and miscellaneous steel erection, specialties and equipment installation.

We maintain a field force of 200-400 skilled craftsmen represented by more than 75 local unions throughout our market area. They are led by thirty-five (35) superintendents and over seventy-five (75) key foremen.

The ability to self-perform work not only provides us the ability to lead our projects, it allows us to offer project owners the most competitive and cost efficient proposals