SOA Architecture – South Providence Medical Building

“The project goals of our clients typically include having an on time, on budget outcome. It’s always a bonus if, in addition, the project is a professionally gratifying experience. On the architectural side SOA does what we can, but the success and outcome of a project is largely contingent on getting the right contractor on board. SOA believes that selection of River City Construction (RCC) greatly increases all of our chances of a truly successful project.”

“For over 20 years SOA has been the architect on a variety of projects for the University of Missouri. As is customary with University as well as other publically funded entities, the low bid contractor is typically awarded the contract for construction with little ability to consider a contractor’s past performance. In many cases, the low bidder is faced with significant challenges to be profitable due to concessions made during bidding and a need to “make it up” throughout construction. Some contractors choose to cut corners or try to bypass processes and procedures in an effort to save time and money when in the long run it actually ends up taking more time, energy and often money to remedy problems arising out of their short sightedness. Not River City Construction.”

“The 85,000 square foot South Providence Medical Building was our first project with RCC and our most successful project at the University of Missouri. From the start it was apparent that RCC’s Project Manager, Kelly Hequembourg, and Superintendent, Don (“Spanky”) Evans, share the same goals as SOA, a project that everyone on the team will consider successful, and a satisfied client. It was great to work with a contractor that recognized we are all part of something larger than our individual firms.”

“Architects drawings and specifications are not perfect and there is always room for interpretation. Thankfully Kelly and Spanky did not expect perfection and were committed to working together to find solutions that kept the client’s best interests in mind. They appreciated the value of following owner defined processes and procedures, were organized and efficient in their communications and exhibited a can-do attitude.”

“In closing, if you are interested in working with a contractor that, in addition to offering you on time, on budget solutions, makes your involvement in a construction project easier, I urge you to strongly consider River City Construction. We greatly value the relationship established between RCC and SOA, and we look forward to future opportunities to together serve clients in a collaborative, team oriented effort.”

Best Regards,

Jennifer Hedrick AIA, NCARB, Principal / Architect Principal / Architect

Bill Oswald AIA, Principal / Architect Principal / Architect

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