South Beloit Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements

The South Beloit WWTP project is a multi-phase project. It entails the demolition of numerous structures along with modifications to existing structures to create the new plant. Construction will include a new headworks building, control building, clarifiers, sludge dewatering building, and maintenance building. Also included are modifications to convert two package plants into new digesters along with the renovation of an existing digester tank to a new IFAS BNR system. The project will improve the quality of solid residuals to be sold and used in agricultural processes, increase treatment capacity by 33 percent, and reduce electrical energy consumption by 15 percent.

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Galesburg Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements – Tertiary Filter Addition

This project was an expansion of the existing wastewater treatment plant and consisted of the construction of a new tertiary filter building, electrical building, cascade aerator/flume structure, and pump station.  Also included was the installation of associated process piping, new electrical service, slide…

Greater Peoria Sanitary District Sewage Works Improvements

Division 21 Addition of two process air blowers; provision of blower electrical gear; replacement of existing aeration tank equipment. Division 22 Construction of a new thickening building including four gravity belt thickeners with all associated plumbing. Division 23 Construction of a new Dewatering Building including…