Carbondale Southeast Wastewater Treatment Plant Expansion

Replaced influent pumping, low measurement, existing blowers, and existing mechanically cleaned bar screen.  Constructed a new bar screen building, 6.0-MGD oxidation ditch, two 100 foot diameter secondary clarifiers, return/waste activated sludge pump station, digested sludge pump station, and plant water pump station.  Conversion of the existing activated sludge aeration, digester tankage to aerobic digesters, and the existing tertiary lagoons to flow equalization facilities.  Also included were associated site, civil, electrical, mechanical, and structural work.

  • Owner: City of Carbondale
  • Architect: Crawford, Murphy & Tilly Inc.
  • Status: Completed May 2005

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Illinois American Water Company – Champaign County Treatment Plant

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Contract #1 Wastewater System Improvements, Treatment Facility, and Pump Stations

The work completed consisted of the installation of influent pump stations, forcemains, wastewater treatment facility, water supply piping, carpentry, concrete, electric, mechanical, and appurtenances. Excavation, demolition, concrete placement, paving/resurfacing, start-up, and testing are also included.