Carpentersville Wastewater Treatment Plant Modifications

Project included the construction of two 85′ diameter final clarifiers, oxidation ditch, biosolids control building, biosolids storage building, screening building, equipment storage building and modifications to existing plant structures.

  • Owner: Village of Carpentersville
  • Architect: Strand Associates, Inc.
  • Status: Completed December 2003

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City of Benton Wastewater Treatment Facility

Project consisted of new barscreen and grit structure, terminal lift station, new oxidation ditch, two (2) 95’-0” diameter clarifier tanks, new digester tanks, RAS/WAS pump station, parshall flume structure, UV disinfection structure, cascade aerator, new MCC building, sludge pump station,…

Rocky Fork Wastewater Treatment Facility

The project consisted of the construction of a new wastewater treatment facility. The treatment process used Siemens Orbal® treatment equipment with two (2) Siemens Tow-Bro® secondary clarifiers that have been pre-procured by the District. Other major treatment equipment included influent pumps,…