City of Spring Valley New Wastewater Treatment Plant

Project consisted of demolishing the existing primary wastewater treatment plant; construction of new sanitary sewer interceptor piping; construction of a headworks building; construction of a secondary process modular activated treatment facility; construction of a blower building; construction of a sludge dewatering operation; construction of a laboratory; construction of a garage/shop metal building; lagoon improvements; and all associated site work, piping, electrical, water service, gas service, etc.

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Illinois American Water Company – Granite City Water Treatment Facility Clearwell Addition

Project included construction of a new clearwell and distribution pumping station, filter gallery improvements, and chemical feed modifications.

Waterloo Wastewater Treatment Facility

This project included raw sewage intake structure; mechanical bar screen; grit removal units; flow metering, submersible pumps with VFD’s; aerated digester tanks; SBR process pump rooms and blowers; MCC rooms; digester blowers; digester sludge pumps; and various other items and…