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Vision isn’t something we strive for – it’s what we live and breathe.

Our vision is to be the most respected and reputable builder in our operating area. To accomplish this, every decision we make hinges on whether it aligns with our mission and promise to you. It impacts how we make and foster relationships. It helps us lead with integrity and follow through on what we say we’ll do. And it helps us ensure you are 100% satisfied at the end of the day. Because our reputation means everything, and we’re committed to making sure it remains exemplary and growing because of the quality work we do.


Guiding principles that make our world go ‘round.

We know that in order to make our company great, we must go all in and live the company’s vision and values. They are truly what set us apart from others. This is our mantra, what keeps us grounded and what keeps us growing and moving forward. That said, every project we work on, we make sure our commitment to your success and our goal to deliver 100% satisfaction is evident in all that we do.

V – We employ a team that embodies our uncompromising set of core VALUES.
I – We put INTEGRITY at the foundation on which we conduct business.
S – We are committed to SAFETY excellence in all that we do.
I – We provide INNOVATIVE solutions that deliver results.
O – We collaborate as ONE team working hard toward your success.
N – We build long-standing relationships with a NETWORK of clients, business and community partners.

Our Promise

River City Construction Brand Promise

At River City Construction, we don’t just build quality, state-of-the-art buildings. We build relationships. That’s because people are the foundation of what we do. When you team with us, you aren’t just hiring a builder to create a structure. You’re hiring a partner who puts safety and integrity first; a group who is committed to making you successful; and a team who makes the experience fun and exciting. Together, we create centers that educate and shape tomorrow’s leaders. We build places of rest where patients can have time to heal.  We construct facilities where families can gather to create memories. We plan infrastructures that support the communities you live in and serve. We design places of commerce where your customers feel welcomed and valued. And we lay the blocks that inspire entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Simply put…Your mission is our mission. Your success is our success. That’s our promise to you – complete satisfaction, every step of the way.

Life at RCC

All work and lots of play.

Life is too short to not have fun doing what we do. And while the construction process can be stressful, done right, it can be fun, exciting and enjoyable for everyone! Throughout the process, we host partner events with you, our designers and subcontractors. We stay positive and forward-thinking even when faced with challenges. We collaborate to make sure every voice is heard. And we celebrate project milestones with special events. We also foster community and fun within our own walls, ensuring spirits stay high and everyone always puts their best foot forward.


Giving back to the communities that help us thrive.

Paying it forward is a passion of ours. That’s why we encourage our entire team to contribute their time and treasures to charitable organizations that serve the communities we operate and live in. You’ll see our friendly faces serving on non-profit boards. You’ll run into us supporting and attending charitable events. And you’ll hear about friendly competitions that pull even more support such as our River City Charitable Challenge, CANstruction, and Rebuilding Together. These are all incredible events that make a positive impact on the communities we live in and work.