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Work In Progress

Western Illinois University, New Center for Performing Arts ›
EducationHigher EducationStudent ServicesWork In Progress

City of O’Fallon Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements Phase II ›
TreatmentWastewaterWork In Progress

Heartland Community College, Agriculture Complex ›
Higher EducationScience BuildingsWork In Progress

SAFB Building 1600 Renovation ›
GovernmentWork In Progress

MU Healthcare Children’s Hospital Fit Out and Sitework ›
HealthcareWork In Progress

Compass Health Network – 200 Portland Renovation ›
HealthcareWork In Progress

Illinois Capitol Parking Garage – Phase III ›
GeneralWork In Progress

Quincy Veterans’ Home, New Nursing Home & Domiciliary ›
CivicGeneralWork In Progress

Fulton State Hospital, Abatement & Demolition of Biggs Building ›
GeneralWork In Progress