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Mark Ward

VP of Operations

From an intern in his junior year of college to today, Mark has made a home at River City Construction. His journey with RCC has taken him from his internship days, to continuously wanting to learn more about the company and the industry, to being empowered to be part of River City Construction’s largest projects.

Mark has traveled across all regions of RCC’s operating areas completing projects utilizing all forms of delivery methods, as well as nearly every market sector, including justice/correctional, government/civic, treatment, and educational facilities.

Mark’s collective experience has taught him that every job has one thing in common…the PEOPLE.  How you interact, treat, and collaborate with people has as much to do with the success of a project as the tools and materials needed to build it.

Mark is bringing that same insight to his new role as VP of Operations.   Interacting and collaborating with the teams to support their needs and help develop their skills.  Treating them as valued team members while exemplifying the culture of RCC in hopes they too feel as he did…RCC is home.

Alma Mater

Bradley University, Bachelor of Science – Construction Management

Community & Industry Initiatives

Viewpoint – Industry Advisor
Viewpoint – Former Co-Chair of St Louis User Group

River City Construction

What is your favorite River City Construction project?  What was your role in the project?

The University of Missouri, Brewer Fieldhouse Addition and Renovation. This was a challenging project with a tough site, difficult and unique construction, limited (phased) access, and a very tight schedule.  A delay in the schedule was not an option as the project was being funded by student fees. With the entire team committed to the same goal, a heavily involved client, and an A/E willing to listen, the project was destined for success.  This truly was the most collaborative team I have ever been a part of.

What’s a random fact about you?

Despite being separated by 8 years, my older sister and I are blood twins.

Best vacation or favorite place to go?

The Next one.  Any trip/place where I get to spend time with my wife Lisa and our boss, Molly (our dog).