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Iowa American Water Company, East River Station UV Disinfection

Davenport, IA

Project Summary

The first phase of this project included installing a flood gate in the existing flood wall, which was completed in early 2020. The second phase consists of constructing a new 3,600 square foot UV Disinfection Facility, which will house (3) 24” UV reactors that treat an average flow of 15 MGD, along with space for a fourth reactor. The structure is supported by H-pile, has precast walls with a brick inlay and the roof will be made up of steel framing and steel decking with a membrane. The UV building will contain ductile iron piping (24”& 42”), (3) UV reactors, chemical piping, and electrical work. Also included in the project is converting the existing Clearwell No. 1 to a 500,000 gallon backwash recovery basin and disconnect the existing Clearwell from the filters and reroute the entire plant flow through the new UV structure. Clearwell No. 2 will be reconfigured to help to provide chlorine contact time to achieve the required disinfection credits. New contact chambers will be constructed in each side of the 2.0 million gallon Clearwell. Ancillary improvements include the installation of a new backup generator, new chemical application piping and new application points.

Project Details

  • Size: 15 MGD
  • Type: Improvements
  • Delivery Method: General Contractor